24-Hour Recovery Stack

24-Hour Recovery Stack After giving it your all in the workouts listed above, you're muscles are going to be aching for some amino acid rebuilding support. Here's our suggestion for a 24 hour protein stack: Right after getting out of bed, start the day with a Platinum Hydrowhey shake to put your body in an anabolic environment. It's been 7 or 8 hours since you last ate! Follow up with a balanced breakfast and then get to work rowing, swimming or tossing that sandbag around.

When you're finished working out, it's time for ON's all-in-one muscle constructor formula Platinum Hydrobuilder. Whether the next meal is lunch or dinner, don't forget to treat yourself to a rich, creamy micellar casein shake right before bed. The lasting amino acid support feeds growing muscles while you're sleeping. Get up tomorrow and start all over again. Expect 'big' things by the end of summer.

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