Advancements That Hold You Back

Advancements That Hold You Back Sometimes the latest, greatest performance tool isn't really all it's cracked up to be. Consider lessons learned from an examination of medieval armor published in the Proceedings of Royal Society B. Researchers had fight interpretation experts from the Royal Armories Museum walk and run in replicas of four different types of European armor dating back to the 1500s.

These suits of armor weighed an average of 110 pounds, and because the weight is distributed throughout the body they hold back combatants not only by weighing down arm swings and leg strides, but also by restricting oxygen intake. A combatant wearing these heavy metal suits is forced to take frequent shallow breaths rather than deep breaths. As a result, armor-clad soldiers expend twice the amount of energy as an adversary battling without being encased in 110 pounds of steel.

True Strength Moment: This lesson applies to a broad range of modern day gym equipment. While not everything invented since the creation of the barbell is useless, plenty of fad contraptions are best left sitting idle on the floor. Wait for reputable research before working newfangled equipment into your routine.
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