Fat Really Does Make You Happy

Fat Really Does Make You Happy Researchers at the University of Leuven in Belgium have come up with some interesting science to help explain the phrase: Fat and happy. Their investigation into brain-stomach signaling, reported in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, found that fatty acid intake activated brain regions involved with reducing sad emotions.

Healthy, normal weight volunteers were given musical and visual cues to evoke sadness. When they ingested a solution containing fatty acids, brain scans revealed a centralized neural effort designed to combat feeling down.

True Strength Moment: Scientists don't know why fat makes you happy, but anyone can predict that you won't be thrilled with the long-term outcome if you get into the habit of turning to comfort food for emotional support. Of course, your body needs essential fatty acids to support a wide range of metabolic functions. That's why you can feel good about consuming mono- and polyunsaturated fats from cold water fish, olive oil, nuts and seeds.
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sailor 19
Aug 03, 2011
what about using fucoxanthin pros/con