Some Eggs Are Built Better

Some Eggs Are Built Better Nutritionists consider eggs to be the 'Gold Standard' of protein. Unfortunately, daily consumption can present challenges to people who are closely monitoring their cholesterol. A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry suggests that feeding young hens a diet low in omega-6 fatty acids can dramatically decrease the rate of cholesterol oxidation that can occur when consuming typical eggs.

Researchers started young hens on a diet of wheat, barley and milo feeds that are low in omega-6 fatty acids. The eggs produced by these hens had a high anti-oxidant value and low amount omega-6 fats. Study subjects who consumed 2 of these specialized eggs a day were able to maintain the same LDL oxidation rates as a control group that consumed just 2 to 4 regular eggs per week.

True Strength Moment: You'd probably have a hard time finding eggs produced like this at your local grocery store, and if you do they won't be priced like typical eggs. But you do have an economical alternative that's sugar free and very low in cholesterol. One scoop of Gold Standard 100% Egg contains 24 grams of protein from egg whites and mixes up easily in your favorite beverage.
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