Cut 500 Calories From Your Diet

Cut 500 Calories From Your Diet According to, cutting 500 calories from your daily diet can help you lose a pound a week. This very general calculation is based on a 150 pound female, and does not assume that you'll be burning any calories through exercise.

Tips for dropping 500 calories a day include not watching TV while you're eating and not dining with 7 or more people. A University of Massachusetts study concluded that people average 288 additional calories when eating in the front of the TV. Just two meals in front of the set put you well over 500 for the day. Another study suggested that sharing the table with a large group promotes a 96% increase in food intake, or roughly double what you'd normally eat by yourself.

True Strength Moment: While these suggestions may be accurate, there's an easier way to keep track of what you eat every day. Write it down in a journal. Planning out your meals beforehand gives you total control over protein to carbohydrate distribution, approximate calories and more. If you know exactly what you'll be eating, it doesn't matter if you're watching TV during lunch or dining out with a big group of friends.
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