Whey Shakes & Weight Loss

Whey Shakes & Weight Loss Whey, like other forms of protein, helps support satiety which is a feeling of fullness. New research from the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences offers another reason to work whey shakes into your weight loss program.

Scientists recruited 31 healthy obese women in their 50s and 60s and structured 1400-calorie weight loss diets for them based on the Food Pyramid. Subjects were encouraged to engage in light exercise and received a shake to drink once in the morning and once again later in the day. Half got whey protein while the others received a carbohydrate drink. The whey drinkers lost 3.9% more weight while building up thigh muscles by an average of 5.8%.

True Strength Moment: Most dieters don't realize that, along with fat, diet restriction typically results in a loss of muscle tissue. Whey protein's anti-catabolic qualities help preserve muscle tissue as well as strength. Because protein was spread throughout the day, amino acids were readily available when needed. No wonder the whey shake drinkers in this study did better on balance and performance tests conducted after the program's conclusion. Imagine whey's potential for adults who exercise with a lot more intensity.
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