Music Pumps Up The Volume

Music Pumps Up The Volume If you want to get more out of a workout, a study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport suggests cranking up some motivational music. Researchers had 11 elite triathletes run in time to motivational music, neutral music or no music. Although the motivational selections worked best, training to any type of music improved running economy and reduced perceived rate of exertion. Even more interesting, athletes running in time to a tempo showed lower blood lactate concentrations and consumed less oxygen. Time to exhaustion increased between 18% and 19% when runners kept pace with the beat.

True Strength Moment: What's motivational music? The tune playing while Rocky Balboa bounded up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art comes to mind. There are examples in every musical style and, for optimal results, you should create a list of favorites that's long enough to get through your most challenging sessions. Check out what Team ON Athletes listen to by clicking any the profile pictures here.
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