From Problem To Solution

For weight lifters, the potential of a rotator cuff injury is always out there. Now the conclusions of three studies presented at the Experimental Biology 2007 meeting in Washington DC take the issue full circle with a novel resistance training approach to recovering from just such an injury.

A group of 42 workers with job-related rotator cuff and lumbar fusion injuries took part in a free weight program that involved warming up, core body exercises as well as a pro athlete inspired lifting routine. Specific exercises were developed to address each individual's injury along with biomechanical patterns directly related to their occupation. After just six weeks, 90% of program participants were back at work.

The Bigger Picture. What's surprising is that 75% of these workers had undergone physical therapy beforehand. That didn't work for them as well as the weight lifting program. And what made the weight program unique was the whole-body approach coupled with exercises specific to the participant's job-related exertion. It's reasonable to assume that the potential for rotator cuff injury could be reduced by addressing that specific muscle group as part of a whole body training approach.
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