When Workout Wear Matters

When Workout Wear Matters There are those who only want to be seen in the most fashionable class specific gym wear. Other gym goers seem to take pride in dressing down for every workout. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research focused on the functionality of clothing construction rather than current trends.

Researchers wanted to know how the density of polyester riding jerseys affected cyclist performance in a hot, humid environment. A group of trained riders wore jerseys with small, medium and large knit patterns. They pedaled wearing each type of top for 15 minutes at a prescribed pace. Although there were no differences in perceived exertion or heart rate, there was a big difference in thermal comfort with the large knit preferred over the tighter mesh, less ventilating garments.

True Strength Moment: Although these researchers didn't take hydration status into account, you can imagine that it would become more of an issue with hotter surface skin temperature. Yesterday's ON Breaking News post looked at hydration's affect on appetite, and today's post at ABBperformance.com suggests a better beverage than water for restoring hydration after training.
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