How Much Whey & When?

How Much Whey & When? Muscle size and strength gains can't be made without adequate recovery. That's why athletes who train every day have to be careful about workout planning and serious about their nutritional support. The dangers of overtraining are outlined in research posted at

In one study, 22 year old men were given either 25 grams of whey protein immediately after performing 8 sets of 8-10 leg extensions or they consumed 2.5 grams of whey on 10 different occasions spaced evenly throughout the day. The 25 gram serving increased protein synthesis to a much greater extent than the 10 smaller doses.

A different but related study looked at how 24 year old male and female soldiers responded to 10 grams of amino acids containing either 1.9 or 3.5 grams of leucine while riding stationary bikes. The leucine-rich beverage increased post-exercise protein synthesis 33% better than the smaller dose.

True Strength Moment: Both of these studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition illustrate the importance of whey protein to athletes trying to build muscle size and strength. If you want to hit both targets with a single product, one serving of Platinum Hydrowhey contains 30 grams of pure, fast-acting whey protein including 4.1 grams of the BCAA leucine.
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