Going The Distance With Protein

Findings of a recent French study printed in the Journal of Sports Medicine suggest that supplementing with a protein powder containing amino acids, vitamins and essential minerals can increase stamina and endurance. Researchers divided 18 physically active young men into two groups; one supplementing with the protein powder and another given a flavored placebo that contained salts. The men were tested before and after the study performing brief, intense bouts of peddling a stationary bike against high resistance. After 28 days, the men who used the protein powder did not tire as quickly, had heightened antioxidant activity in their bloodstream, and showed fewer signs of exercise-induced muscle damage.

The Bigger Picture. Scientists conducting the study theorized that the antioxidant blood levels in the supplementing group might explain how they were better able to conquer fatigue. They speculated that motivation, previous training styles, and body mechanics may also have factored into the results. In any event, the reduced level of exercise-induced muscle damage in the protein/amino acid/vitamin/essential mineral using group is an interesting finding for strength athletes who depend on fortified protein supplements like Pro Complex to assist with post-workout muscle building and recovery.
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