Hormonal Response To Training

Hormonal Response To Training Besides the number of reps completed, what's the difference between lifting at 80% of your 6 rep max compared to loading the barbell with 80% of your 12 rep max? A study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness suggests very different hormonal responses.

Using recreationally active men in their 20s as subjects, the workout with more weight and less volume increased the ratio of testosterone to cortisol more than the high-volume workout while the high-volume workout elevated cortisol production more than the heavy resistance workout.

True Strength Moment: Different hormones affect size and strength gains in different ways. This research illustrates the importance of changing up your workout regularly. If you body reacts to the same workout in exactly the same way, altering what you do is going to produce dramatically different results. With perseverance and creative workout planning, you'll be more likely to see results in the mirror and on the pages of your training journal when you're keeping your routine from getting too routine.
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