Benefits Of Working Out At Work

Benefits Of Working Out At Work If your office or school has a gym that's convenient to use at lunchtime or during breaks, a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine suggests that pumped muscles and improved cardiovascular health aren't all you have to gain. An analysis of two different workplaces found that employees who exercised 2.5 hours per week at work were more productive and called in sick less frequently than co-workers who couldn't or didn't exercise during the workday.

True Strength Moment: It isn't always practical to use your lunch hour to lift weights or run on a treadmill. But with cooler weather approaching, getting out from behind your desk for a walk around town offers a low-intensity alternative that might fill the activity void until you're able to hit the gym after work. Any exercise is good exercise, and spending your lunch hour being active helps take the focus off food.
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