Get A Jump On Sprint Performance

Get A Jump On Sprint Performance Because the entire race takes only seconds to complete, how fast you start a short-distance sprint is going to be a huge factor in how well you finish. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research compared the 'false' start technique, which is a quick step backward before forward movement, to typical split and parallel stance starts.

Scientists recruited 27 athletic men and had them run three 2.5 and 5 meter all out sprints using each of the three different starting tactics. Because the 'false' start provided greater push off force, it worked best at these very short distances.

True Strength Moment: Knowing how to give yourself even a slight edge in competition can make you a winner more often against competitors who don't do their tactical homework. It's the same with weight lifters who know how to adhere to proper form and expertly time their nutrient support. Check out today's Performance Blog at for some insight into post-workout recovery support.
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