Istvan Javorek’s Barbell Complex

Istvan Javorek’s Barbell Complex Men's Health magazine recently published an online workout designed by the famous Romanian weightlifting coach Istvan Javorek. The circuit of deadlifts, straight-leg deadlifts, barbell rows, jump shrugs and hang cleans is called a 'barbell complex' and all 5 exercises are performed consecutively without putting down the barbell.

Choose a weight that would suit the two exercises where you'll typically be the weakest: barbell rows and hang cleans. You'll do 8 reps of each exercise consecutively with no rest. Between circuits, take maybe 90 second of rest. Shoot for completing 3 or 4 rounds.

True Strength Moment: This is one of those fat burning workouts that will challenge mere mortals. In fact, it's said to be so demanding that it can substitute for your cardio day. Give one round a try before pushing yourself to go all four.
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