Protein Grows Muscle & Fights Fat

Protein Grows Muscle & Fights Fat Most people don't realize it because they're only counting pounds lost, but you'll lose almost as much muscle mass as fat on a typical diet. Fortunately, there are alternatives that can help turn those losses and gains around. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition compared the results of 90 overweight women who exercised daily and were assigned one of three dietary interventions.

One group consumed a high-protein diet with a lot of dairy. The other two groups received an adequate amount of protein with either a medium or low amount of dairy. All subjects exercised daily for four months, dividing the work between five days of aerobic training and two days of circuit weight lifting. While the low dairy group lost a pound and a half of muscle, the high protein/high dairy group gained a pound and a half of muscle. The group on a medium dairy diet lost almost no muscle at all.

True Strength Moment: In addition to the muscle building qualities of dairy protein, researchers found that it helped promote abdominal fat loss. All of these subjects lost weight, but 100% of the weight lost in the high protein/high dairy group was fat instead of muscle. Because muscle helps keep your metabolism running, lean mass can also play an important role in preventing weight regain.
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