Dairy & BMI Inversely Related

Dairy & BMI Inversely Related According to an analysis of epidemiological and intervention studies, there's evidence of a negative association between dairy consumption and body mass index (BMI). This relationship is 'modest' according to Nutrition Research Reviews, but supported by the majority of data.

That means people who drink a lot of milk, eat cottage cheese and other low fat dairy products typically experience increased weight loss and muscle maintenance during calorie restricted dieting. Although the mechanisms behind this relationship aren't completely understood, researchers singled out whey protein derivatives for supporting appetite regulation.

True Strength Moment: It's a little known fact that dieters often lose nearly as much muscle mass as fat when cutting calories. Protein-rich dairy products, particularly whey protein, can help tip the balance back in your favor by preserving lean mass while you're cutting calories. Whey and other protein can actually help build lean mass when used in conjunction with strength training. To find out about the role calcium plays in all of this, read today's Performance Blog post at ABBperformance.com
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