Here’s How The Other Half Eats

Here’s How The Other Half Eats Not worried about how much sodium you consume in a single day? Think you're pretty much doing everything you can to eat healthy? Join the club. Of the 1,003 adults surveyed by the International Food Information Council, 59% weren't concerned about sodium intake, even though most Americans consume twice the recommended level. Even more embarrassing, 70% of those surveyed didn't know what the recommended level was.

A separate study of 754 adults conducted for the American Dietetic Association found that, despite increasing rates of obesity and diabetes, 49% of consumers think they're doing everything they can to make their diet healthy and balanced.

True Strength Moment: Asked what they thought was an important aspect of healthy eating, 70% of respondents said getting more fruits and vegetables, 48% said limiting sugar intake and 45% said controlling calories. The correct answer, of course, is all of the above. If you're doing it right, congratulations. You're in a very select group of trim, fit, healthy eaters.
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