Get More Out Of Cardio Day

Get More Out Of Cardio Day If you're more comfortable using a treadmill than running outside, a study published in the Journal of Undergraduate Kinesiology Research has some good news: At a 1% grade, treadmill running is superior to using a flat surface outdoor track. Set the belt at any speed and maintain that pace for 30 minutes. Compared to your performance on an outdoor 400 meter track, a slight grade on a treadmill will get your heart rate higher and increase oxygen consumption while helping you expend more energy and burn more calories.

True Strength Moment: Researchers theorized that the treadmill helps you burn more calories because once you've set the pace you'll have to keep it up for the entire 30 minutes or fall off the back of the machine. On an outdoor track, the intensity of your effort might drop off toward the end of that 30 minute run. Try it both ways on alternating weeks to see if you get a better workout on the treadmill or track.
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