Overriding Your Genetic Coding

Overriding Your Genetic Coding Your genetic makeup is what it is. We've always been told that genes can't be changed, but a study published in the journal PLoS Medicine suggests that at least one gene can be told what to do. After analyzing data from 27,000 individuals representing 5 different ethnic groups, researchers determined that a diet composed mostly of raw fruits, vegetables and berries helped nullify the effects of the 9p21 gene that increases the risk of heart disease. Instead of being at high risk, people with this gene variant who stuck to a whole food vegetarian diet altered their profile to be more like low risk gene groups.

True Strength Moment: The lesson to be taken from this research is that you can reshape the body you were given into something closer to your own ideal. If diet can change someone's health risk factors, then intense training and adherence to clean eating can help almost anyone build a better, more physically fit physique. It's all a matter of willpower, know-how and perseverance.
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