Kettlebells Have Your Back

Kettlebells Have Your Back A lot of people credit kettlebell exercises with restoring the healthy function of their lower back. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research offers some insight into what this type of workout has to offer.

Seven healthy young men and an accomplished kettlebell master performed a routine with a 16 kg (35.3 pound) bell. Scientists found that the muscle activation and relaxation cycle ranged from 50% to 80% of maximal voluntary contractions for lower back and glute muscles, which is very substantial. Abdominal muscles get an equally demanding workout.

True Strength Moment: Because the loading patterns during kettlebell swings are very different from typical lower body lifts, a session of swinging these spherical weights with handles can present you with a unique way to take the 'routine' out of your training routine. Just make sure you get expert instruction on how to swing them first. Like any resistance exercise, form is very important.
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