Don't Cut Calories Too Far Back

Don't Cut Calories Too Far Back Cutting calories out of a bloated diet is rarely a bad idea, but as with almost any well intentioned plan you can go too far. Sometimes more isn't better. A study published in the journal Cell Metabolism describes the metabolic carnage that can take place when you're experiencing intense hunger.

Autophagy is a condition where undernourished cells break themselves down to serve as 'food' for surrounding cells. Researchers theorized that when this happens in the brain's hypothalamus gland, the result can lead to uncontrolled eating binges. Because the process also releases fatty acids, it doesn't help a diet even if you're able to restrain your food intake.

True Strength Moment: This is one of those times when willpower isn't enough. When dieting, it's best to take things a step at a time. So instead of diving into 2 straight hours of cardio every day, go with half an hour of HIIT training after lifting weights and treat yourself to a whey protein shake post-workout. 120 calories isn't going to weigh down your diet, and the muscle support can help you avoid a condition known as 'skinny fat'. It's a little known fact that you'll lose almost as much muscle as fat on a typical diet.
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