Willpower Vs Hunger Hormones

Willpower Vs Hunger Hormones Anyone who's ever dieted down to a body weight goal knows that hunger hormones kick into gear in what seems like the minute you start restricting calories. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that they remain elevated for longer than a year after weight loss.

Researchers found that the appetite stimulator ghrelin increased after overweight subjects lost 10% of their body weight and remained elevated when checked 12 months later. The opposite was true with the appetite suppressing hormone leptin which decreased and didn't return to normal levels even after a year.

True Strength Moment: The vast majority of those who achieve a weight loss goal gain back some or all of that lost weight within a year. This study suggests reaching an ideal weight is only half the battle. Staying at that weight might require just as much willpower and determination as the effort you put into getting there.
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