Reading More Into Nutrition Facts

Reading More Into Nutrition Facts Nutrition Facts panels have been a fixture on food packaging for decades. How effective are they at helping people eat healthy? A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association compared the self-reported habits of 203 subjects to their actual performance reading 64 different grocery store labels. The results indicate that most people aren't as thorough as they believe.

Using sophisticated eye-tracking software, researchers determined that only 9% of study subjects checked calories per serving even though 33% of participants said they always looked at that particular fact. It was the same with the 24% who reported scrutinizing sugar and the 26% who wanted to know serving size. Only about 1% actually checked those variables.

True Strength Moment: Researchers found that when Facts Panels were placed prominently on food packaging they got more attention and were examined for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, on most labels these panels are placed peripherally which makes them harder to find. If you're concerned about consuming a healthy balanced diet and keeping your weight under control, make the effort to digest all the information available to you.
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