Practice Versus Age & Expertise

Practice Versus Age & Expertise Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. A study published in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Physiology challenges the validity of that old saying. Researchers recruited 53 subjects aged 16 to 24 years, and compared their performance to 47 older subjects, aged 65 to 74.

Both groups performed easy and complex sports-based activities that measured their reaction time while switching between a localized target (ball or goal) to a global target (field of opposing players). Times were recorded for both high and low intensity activity. Younger age and lots of practice were associated with faster reaction times, but exercise intensity helped subjects outperform both youth and expertise.

True Strength Moment: Researchers theorized that, regardless of age and skill level, intense exercise enhances metal abilities along with physical performance. So practice your game with intensity. If you really work hard at achieving something, you're a lot more likely to realize your goal.
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