Calories For Cooked Vs. Raw Foods

Calories For Cooked Vs. Raw Foods Back in the day, Muscle Beach bodybuilders used to argue about whether raw or cooked foods were better for fueling physique development. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that cooked food might provide more energy (calories) than what's listed on the Nutrition Facts panel.

After feeding lab mice either sweet potatoes or meat in raw form or cooked, a graduate student at Harvard's Department of Evolutionary Biology discovered that cooked food changed the rodent's weight and exercise habits significantly more than the same food in its raw state.

True Strength Moment: The Atwater general factor system assigns 4 calories to each gram of proteins or carbohydrates and 9 calories to every gram of fat. But it doesn't take into account the energy used to digest that food. Because each person is unique, food preparation may have a noticeable or insignificant impact. Track of your food and supplement consumption in a journal to find the right balance for meeting your goals. Then read today's Performance Blog at for tips on mastering upright rows.
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