Take Performance Outside The Box

Take Performance Outside The Box There are more than a few strategies for psyching up to compete. For the track and field athlete, external focus at some point in the distance seems to produce superior results compared to fine-tuning technique in your head. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research tested both strategies using untrained subjects who lined up to perform the standing long jump.

Each volunteer completed a total of 5 jumps. Before every attempt they were given verbal instruction on where to place their focus. When they directed their attention externally, subjects jumped an average of 14 centimeters further. What's surprising is researchers recoded no significant differences in peak force between jumps.

True Strength Moment: In elite competition, a landing nearly 6 inches further could easily be the difference between first place and out of contention. Smart competitors know how to get more distance out of every effort. That guy who always exhibits perfect form on every weight room exercise is another example of maximizing results.
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