Fast Eaters Typically Fatter

Fast Eaters Typically Fatter Whether you're really hungry or pressed for time, cleaning your plate in a hurry could lead to additional caloric intake. A pair of studies submitted at the Obesity Society's annual meeting offers insight into eating pace along with a couple of tips for slowing down.

University of Rhode Island scientists found that, as a general rule, heavier people eat faster than leaner ones. Also, men eat faster than women so much faster that men who thought they ate slowly actually consumed food at about the same rate as women who considered themselves to be fast eaters. One way to slow down, researchers found, was to substitute refined cereals and breads for whole grains. Subjects spent significantly more time chewing up whole grain choices.

True Strength Moment: A slow eater consumes about 2 ounces of food per minute. A fast one is eating 3.1 ounces per minute, a little more than 50% more. Imagine how many calories this amounts to over the course of a week. Fortunately, making smart food choices can also put the brakes on your caloric intake.
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