The Importance Of Goal Setting

The Importance Of Goal Setting Goals provide motivation to enhance your performance and build on previous accomplishments. It's best to keep them realistic, but as anyone who's approached physical challenge can tell you not having a goal can quickly lead to lack of motivation and dramatically decreased gym time. A study of European consumers undertaken by the EU Food Labeling to Better Advance Education for Life project shows that lack of motivation can also lead to poor eating habits.

A continent-wide survey of 37,000 food products in 84 different retail locations found that consumers spent less than a second examining the nutritional elements of various labels: Between 25 and 100 milliseconds. When asked, most consumers were able to identify which products represented healthier choices, but they didn't apply that knowledge to actual purchases.

True Strength Moment: Food labels are more standardized here in America, but you still have to make an effort to read the panel. If it's important to meeting a goal you'll take the time to determine which products represent the highest quality and best value. For help with protein powders, visit

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