Nervous System Speeds Weight Loss

Nervous System Speeds Weight Loss If you've ever wondered why weight loss seems a lot easier for some people than others, a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism offers interesting insight. Researchers recruited 42 overweight or obese subjects and assigned them to a 12-week restricted diet where they consumed 30% fewer calories per day. Subjects with the highest levels of sympathetic nerve activity were significantly more successful in their weight loss efforts.

True Strength Moment: The sympathetic nerve system, which connects internal organs to the brain, represents half of the autonomic nervous system that takes care of numerous metabolic functions. Sympathetic nerves play a role in resting metabolic rate and help determine how calories are used, so this system's influence on weight loss can be significant. Exercise can temporarily suppress the other half of this system. Find out about the effect by reading today's ABB Performance Blog post on parasympathetic activity.
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