Three Diet Plans Compared

Three Diet Plans Compared If you're already looking ahead to January as the official start of diet season, research from the Genesis Prevention Center at University Hospital in South Manchester, England suggests lowering carb intake for a couple days each week. Compared to continuous low-carb dieting and a low-calorie Mediterranean diet, subjects lost the most weight and took insulin levels lower by cutting down carb intake one 2 days each week.

After adhering to the specified diet for 4 months, subjects on the intermittent carb diet lost about 9 pounds and lowered insulin resistance by 22%. Those on a low-calorie Mediterranean diet lost around 5 pounds and lowered insulin resistance by just 4%.

True Strength Moment: We're all unique in terms of how easy or difficult weight loss can be achieved. So the diet that works for one person might not do much for you. One method that works for everyone is to track the calories, carbs, proteins and fat consumed each day and see which diet strategies have the most profound impact on your weight loss goal. Same goes for measuring your progress at the gym.
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Corey W
Dec 21, 2011
I actually just started, on my own, having two nearly carb free days a week. I stay away from any type of grain / bread. I feel great through out the day and the next. I don't look or feel "bloated" either. You can truly see a difference, almost as if you dropped five pounds over night! It is a super easy diet to follow as well. Just make sure on your carb days to not over do it just because you had none the previous day!
May 18, 2012
no its not wrong a lot of people try to diet to look good. howveer if you start dieting for health reasons, youre more likely to have better motivation (ie i want to live a healthy life vs i want to look good in a dress tonight.)it's really not that bad. it's just your personal motivation to lose weight. the only thing to keep in mind is that you need to stay healthy. i dont know your body so i cant say for sure that 110 is too little for someone of your height, but to tell you the truth that sounds like too little so be careful!!!