Medicine Ball Core Development

Medicine Ball Core Development If you think about it, all movement begins with the core muscle group. The force needed to sit up, stand, run and lift starts from your mid-section and is transferred outward. When you want to go beyond typical sit ups and crunches for core muscle development, an article published in the NSCA's online publication Connect suggests this challenging medicine ball routine.

Begin in a seated position with your back to a wall that's a few feet behind you. With the medicine ball held straight out in front of you with both hands, rotate your torso (not your shoulders) to one side and throw the ball into the wall. Rebound and perform the same drill to the other side. That's one rep out of the recommended 10. Your next set will be completed while kneeling. After 10 of those, do the final set of 10 while standing.

True Strength Moment: Medicine balls come in different sizes and weights. They're also available with a handle that you can tie a rope around. Try this drill using different sizes and weights, and then swing it against the wall using a couple feet of rope. You can make the exercise more challenging as your core muscles get used to the action.
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