Casein Vs. Whey For Dieting

Casein Vs. Whey For Dieting Dairy proteins are known for promoting a feeling of fullness that can help dieters and others who are watching what they eat resist snacking temptations. A study published in the Nutrition Journal compared the short-term satiety effect produced by casein, whey and other protein sources.

Researchers had 32 male volunteers in their mid-20s consume casein or whey either immediately before sitting down to a meal or 30 minutes earlier. Although whey was superior for lowering the blood glucose response to food consumption, casein reduced food intake 110% compared with the 62% caloric reduction experienced by subjects who had whey protein. The effect was most pronounced when the shake was consumed 30 minutes before a meal.

True Strength Moment: About 80% of a glass of milk is whey protein. The other 20% is casein. Whey digests much more quickly than casein, and its consistently is noticeably thinner than a rich creamy micellar casein shake. Both have their place in sports nutrition, and it appears that casein and whey can also provide different types of support to dieters. More tips for New Year's diet resolutions can be found on today's Performance Blog at
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