Treadmill Data Vs. Track Running

Treadmill Data Vs. Track Running The running speed and calories burned information displayed in real time on modern treadmills makes a difference in your cardio day performance. That's what a study published in the Journal of Undergraduate Kinesiology Research reports. But your performance on a standard indoor track still makes for a better workout.

Researchers recruited 10 male and 7 female recreationally active college students and had them run 2 miles around an indoor oval. Three days latter, they did the same 2-mile distance on a treadmill with the display covered or uncovered. Subjects who were able to see their treadmill performance had a quicker pace, exercised with greater intensity and burned more calories than the treadmill runners who couldn't track their progress. But running on an indoor track was superior to all treadmill performances.

True Strength Moment: Because not everyone has an indoor track at their disposal during the winter months, the results of this study can be used by treadmill runners to elevate workout performance. Don't be afraid to try some different types of cardio like jumping rope, running the stairs and plyometric jumps. Changing things up in your routine can make it more interesting while generating surprising results.
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