Weight Machines Vs. Elastic Bands

Weight Machines Vs. Elastic Bands When you don't have a spotter available or access to free weights, machines and elastic bands can substitute as convenient options for resistance training. A study published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine measured the muscle building potential of both systems.

Researchers recruited 9 healthy adults and had them perform 5 sets of exercise at a weight equivalent to their 10 rep max. After a 3-week washout period, they tried the other type of training. Muscle damage was similar with both systems, and muscle soreness was greatest on the 2nd day after training. Plasma creatine kinase peaked on the 3rd day following training.

True Strength Moment: The suggestion here is that either of these systems can provide a resistance training workout effective enough for muscle building. Machines and bands might not be as familiar as free weights, but they can get the job done for you in a pinch.
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