Smart Restaurant Eating Strategy

Smart Restaurant Eating Strategy If you travel a lot or just enjoy eating at restaurants, it can be difficult to stay on a clean diet. That's because, depending on where you dine, most menu items are going to contain more salt, fat, sugar and calories than a similar dish made at home. But, according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, you can learn to make consistently smart choices eating at restaurants and actually lose weight in the process.

Researchers recruited 35 healthy middle aged women who frequently dined out and enrolled them in a 6-week course called Mindful Restaurant Eating. Even though the goal was to maintain weight, and none of the subjects was actively dieting, they lost almost 4 pounds on average over the following 6 weeks of restaurant dining.

True Strength Moment: You can work around almost any diet or fitness obstacle if you're determined to succeed over the long term. What these subjects learned during an intensive 6-week course must have left a very positive impression, because they reduced daily food intake by 297 calories just by applying smart eating strategies. Imagine what you can accomplish chasing an ambitious goal. For tips on carb cycling, check out today's Performance Blog post at
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