Getting More Out Of Upright Rows

Getting More Out Of Upright Rows Natural Mr. Olympia John Hansen offered some tips for keeping your shoulders healthy during delt development work in last Saturday's ABB Performance Blog post. Today's tip on keeping the same pain prone area in top form comes from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

About 75% of active adults will develop a rotator cuff issue at some point during their lifetime. Upright rows are one of the exercises that can strain your shoulders. The movement is very popular for building up the delts, traps and biceps, and it's important to focus on keeping your elbows below 90 degrees. When they rise above this limit without externally rotating you elevate your chances of developing rotator cuff issues.

True Strength Moment: Keep your elbows below a 90 degree angle and minimize shoulder stress so you can keep at it in the gym for many years to come. Focusing on form isn't just about getting more out of your lifts. Proper form can also help you avoid potential injuries that can hold you back from chasing down bigger goals.
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