Change The Way You Watch TV

Change The Way You Watch TV There have been a number of studies showing a direct correlation between extra pounds of body weight and time spent watching television. That's not too surprising since you won't burn a whole lot of calories sitting on the coach. A study published in the journal Medicine and Science and Sports and Exercise looked at a novel prime time approach to firing up the metabolism.

Researchers recruited 23 adults in their mid-20s and calculated the energy they expended watching an hour of TV two different ways. In the traditional seated couch potato role, about 80 calories were burned. This was their resting metabolic rate. But when subjects walked on a treadmill or stepped in place during commercials, the rate more than tripled. 258 calories were burned stepping in place during commercials, and 304 were exhausted walking on a treadmill.

True Strength Moment: It's obvious that researchers weren't trying to make up for lost gym time with these study subjects, but active adults can take a page from their playbook and perform more challenging exercises during commercial breaks. A set of dumbbell curls or push ups would probably burn a lot more calories and the results would certainly be more noticeable.
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