Beating The Winter Blues

Beating The Winter Blues The reduced natural light during shorter days coupled with cold weather can trigger a condition known as seasonal affective disorder. It's associated with a loss of physical energy and even mild depression, but there are ways to beat this disorder back until the return of warmer weather. published these tips to follow during the winter months:

Turn On The Lights: Turning on more than enough lights in your place right after waking up helps replace the lack of natural light. On sunny days, being outside as much as possible can also help.

Exercise: In addition to improving your level of fitness and the way you look, exercise can elevate your mood. Just make sure you don't do the same routine every day. Mixing things up keeps you interested while giving the muscles you worked the day before more time to recover.

Stick With A Routine: Not in terms of your workouts, as mentioned above, but waking up at the same time every day and going to bed at a predictable time helps keep your body's internal clock hitting on all cylinders which can play a role in energy and alertness.

True Strength Moment: Whenever you hit a roadblock on the path to achieving your next goal, you make changes to your diet and training program. If the winter blues have set in, think of the condition as just another sticking point and make the changes you need to keep progressing toward health and fitness goals.
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