Getting 3% More Out Of Exercise

Getting 3% More Out Of Exercise Anyone who's a regular at the gym is looking to improve. If you measure your improvements in terms of physical performance, a study published in the journal Amino Acids suggests beta-Alanine might offer you a 3% boost. In a review of 15 research papers that took into account 57 measures and 23 exercise tests involving 360 subjects, scientists found that a median total of 179 grams of beta-Alanine consumed over a period of time might help you realize a 3% increase in exercise capacity.

True Strength Moment: Like creatine, levels of beta-Alanine need to build up in your body over time. It's generally recommended that you consume at least 3.2 grams per day, and that serving size doesn't need to be taken all at once. You can add a little beta-Alanine powder to your anytime energy beverage, your post-workout shake and/or your nighttime casein shake. ON offers flavored and unflavored formulas.
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