What Makes A Healthy Snack?

What Makes A Healthy Snack? According to a new study conducted by the market research organization Mintel, 86% of adults consider fresh fruit to be a healthy snacking option. Raw vegetables got the nod from 71% of the survey's respondents, and nuts received a thumbs up from 71%. Throwing a confusing twist into the data were 12% of respondents who believed ice cream represented a healthy snack. Another 9% felt that cookies were healthy.

True Strength Moment: For all the nutritional advice available, there will always be those who cling to outdated ideas and bad habits. Most people enjoy ice cream and cookies, but when 1 in 10 think about these fat and sugar filled foods as perfectly good it's easy to see why obesity is such a huge problem. For more eye-opening facts, check the results of a sports nutrition study posted on today's Performance Blog at ABBperformance.com
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