Social Influences On Food Intake

Social Influences On Food Intake When people sit down to a meal in a group setting, the tendency is to consume as much or as little as your dining companions. A study published online by PLoS ONE suggests that when women who have never met eat together, they mimic each other's eating habits almost bite for bite. Researchers observed 70 young women and found that a desire to affiliate taps into this unconscious process. The mimicry fades toward the end of the meal as the subjects become more familiar with each other.

True Strength Moment: Because your eating pace can dramatically impact how much you consume at any meal, it's important to be aware of research like this. Even a little overeating can set your goals back a couple of weeks. Packing what you plan to consume for the day at home and taking it along in carefully portioned out servings can help you work around this situation.
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