Read The Label

Forbes Health & Fitness recently posted some novice advice on supplementing for ambitious fitness enthusiasts who want to push their routines and lean mass gains to the next level. Creatine made the list as a fuel source for explosive movements, whey protein got the nod for muscle-building branched chain amino acids, and sports drinks containing a combination of carbohydrates and protein were recommended for reducing post-workout muscle damage and speeding recovery.

The Bigger Picture: Most long-time weight trainers are very familiar with these bodybuilding supplements. The real story here was in two key points of advice offered by Forbes on making the right supplement choices. 1) Stick with well-known brands preferably those who manufacture their own products to assure top quality, and 2) Read the contents label to see exactly what the formula contains.

For whey protein powders, you'll want to see whey protein isolates listed as the main (first) ingredient. Then calculate how many grams of actual protein you're getting in each serving. Finally, check for high biological value 'extras' like whey peptides and microfractions. Everyone can benefit from these words of wisdom.
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