High-Set Leg Strength Workout

High-Set Leg Strength Workout A number of studies have shown that a single set of reps for each exercise promotes results when you're just beginning a weight training program. 2 to 4 sets are recommended once you reach the novice stage. A study recently published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research tested the effects of 1, 4 and 8 sets of squats on moderately experienced lifters.

After a 6-week training program, scientists found that 1 set of squats worked about as well as 4 sets for strength development. The high-set routine incorporating 8 sets was superior for building leg strength.

True Strength Moment: Legs are one of the hardest to train muscle groups because they're almost always under tension walking, climbing stairs, etc. 8 sets of squats might seem like a lot, and the routine probably isn't best for developing muscle size. Tips on hypertrophy can be found on today's Performance Blog at ABBperformance.com
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