Lifting For Strength & Endurance

Lifting For Strength & Endurance The difference between training the way you compete, and adding a weight training element to the same type of workout could be the difference between winning and losing. That's what a study published in the Journal of Sport Sciences suggests.

Researchers had 22 elite rowers engage in 8 weeks of endurance rowing on the water, or a program that also incorporated 4 weekly weight training sessions in addition to the rowing. These subjects were then tested with 6 rep max bench pulls, 5 and 30 rep leg presses along with 60 rep seated arm pulls. The athletes who trained with weights in addition to rowing exhibited slightly greater lower body muscle endurance and strength gains.

True Strength Moment: While it's true that training to perform a very specific task will almost always help you perform that task better, changing up your workouts is quite often a path to even more impressive gains. For these rowers, a little more strength and endurance might put them over the finish line faster. What can you do to improve your workout program?
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