Vertical Jump Boosting Superset

Vertical Jump Boosting Superset Having an elevated vertical jump height can be very advantageous in a number of popular sports. Although jumping ability is partly genetic, an article published online in NSCA Connect suggests that almost any athlete can elevate his or her vertical jump with a combination of technique and training.

The first step is learning proper jumping mechanics. Most athletes are able to jump higher after getting the technique down. Next comes training. It's a popular gym myth that weight lifting bulks up an athlete, negatively affecting jumping ability. The exact opposite is true. And if you're really serious about going vertical, add a plyometric element to the lunges and squats. Supersetting between these two different styles of training can be especially effective.

True Strength Moment: What's an inch or two in vertical jump height going to do for you? Think about the great plays you've witnessed that involved the difference between spiking the volleyball and blocking that spike or catching a football and intercepting the pass. How about the outfielder who misses the home run shot that flew over the wall just out of the reach of his glove? That little advantage helps you make the big play.
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