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AM/PM Protein With Nutrient Optimization

The protein requirements for very active adults outweigh the recommendation for inactive people. That's because the more active you are, the more nutrients your body uses to rebuild muscle and replenish glycogen energy.

Calculate Your Protein Needs

A good starting point for figuring out your body's daily protein requirements is 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight. If you're trying to bulk up, add a little more protein to the mix. Same goes if your goal is weight loss and you're on a high-protein diet. Use this ratio as your benchmark until you get a better feel for making progress.

Daily Protein Intake = 1 Gram of Protein for Every Pound of Body Weight

This means a 180 pound individual should try to consume 180 grams of protein every day from protein shakes, bars and food sources. Spread this amount throughout the day, from morning until right before bed.

Protein Timing

Different proteins have unique optimal usage occasions, when they can do the most good, and multivitamins can help your body make better use of all those nutrients.

Fast-acting whey protein first thing in the morning helps put your body in an anabolic environment after 8 to 10 hours without nutrition. Whey can provide anti-catabolic support to limit the extent of muscle breakdown when enjoyed pre-workout. After training, whey helps kick-start muscle recovery and rebuilding.

Casein digests much more slowly, making it ideal for times when muscle-supporting proteins won't be available for a while. Right before bed, casein provides sustained amino acid support at a time when the majority of muscle rebuilding takes place.

ON's Performance Stack


Gold Standard 100% Whey
First thing AM, Pre- and/or Post-Workout

Gold Standard 100% Casein
Between Meals & Before Bed

Opti-Men or Opti-Women
With Meals
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frederick Bebilekuu
Jun 18, 2012
i am a first timer beginner of body building. which of the whey protein should i start with. but anyway, i need some from you to try with