Warming Up For A Big Moment

Warming Up For A Big Moment Studies have shown that you can enhance the performance of a specific joint (ankle, knee, etc) for between 1 and 3 minutes by contracting the muscles controlling that joint for about 6 seconds. The down side of this postactivation potentiation technique is increased fatigue of the same muscle group.

A study published in the journal Medicine and Science and Sports and Exercise suggests that holding the contraction for just 5 seconds might be enough to enhance performance within that 2-minute window. Depending on how many times you employ this practice during a competition, that extra second might be the difference between hitting the wall and going the distance.

True Strength Moment: It's been said that football is a game of inches. If you've been watching any basketball, you're well aware that the game can turn on the last few seconds of any contest. Being able to give your team a performance boost at the right time could close the gap between scoring or coming up short. Experiment with this joint performance protocol to see if you experience an advantage throwing, kicking, jumping or running.
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