How To Potentiate A Rowing Race

How To Potentiate A Rowing Race Success in competitive rowing requires a combination of strength, power and endurance. Being more powerful at the start of a race can really pay off at the finish line, and a study published in Journal of Strength and Condition Research offers a warm up routine to potentiate power for that initial push off the starting line.

Scientists had group of 10 national-level rowers warm up in the usual manner before racing 1000 meters. On a different day, they added a series of isometric contractions to their warm up. The work involved pulling on an immovable object resembling the handle of an oar. During the 1000 meter race that followed this specialized warm ups, rowers increased their stroke rate by 5.2% which helped reduce their split time for the first 500 meters 1.9%.

True Strength Moment: The potentiated warm up involved 5 sets of 5 second pulls on the immovable oar handle. Each 5-second set was divided into 3 seconds of all out effort with the remaining 2 seconds submaximal. Since subjects were given 15 seconds of rest between sets, the entire conditioning routine added less than a minute and a half to the normal warm up. Well worth the extra effort considering the results.
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