Stock Car Driverís Workout

Stock Car Driverís Workout In the Fall/Winter 2011 edition of our True Strength magazine, an article on Team ON Athlete Mike Senica detailed the weight room work this stock car driver put in to effectively control a 3,400 pound vehicle traveling at 200 MPH for several hours. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows a direct correlation between upper body strength and winning performance.

Researchers interviewed 40 professional stock car drivers from 27 states. An analysis of collected data showed that upper body strength was considered the most important physical quality, with extreme fatigue following a race the most common complaint. There was a significant correlation between point rankings and time spent lifting weights. Common injuries include shoulder and back strain.

True Strength Moment: The two most popular exercises for these stock car drivers are running to develop conditioning and the bench press for building upper body strength. With the extreme physical demands of auto racing, it should come as no surprise that the sport most drivers participated in away from the racetrack was football, where upper body strength and cardio conditioning are equally important.
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